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Male intimate waxing FAQs

Is it painful?

Ok, so I’m not going to lie! Waxing is yoinking hair out by the roots, you need to expect a little discomfort but this subsides within seconds, I promise!  It is absolutely NOT what is portrayed in movies like the 40yo virgin, however, if you shout KELLY CLARKSON while I remove your hair we'll be pals right away!


I am an expert in applying and removing wax from the intimate area.  My experience allows me to alternate my technique as and when needed based on many things for example the clients body size or level of flexibility.  The first wax is always the sorest. This is because all your hair roots are in the body at the one time so they are all being removed at the same time.

Regular waxing is usually anything between 5-8 weeks.  By waxing regularly you are never allowing the full amount of hair to grow back, plus the hair is softer and finer so it’s less painful the more often and regularly you have it done!  Think about it, I wouldn’t have the same clients for almost 15 years if it was too painful.

People with fine hair will experience pain to a lesser extent than those with more coarse hair or those who have shaved often in the past. Waxing hair that has regrown finer and sparser really is not a big deal to the majority of my clients.

I am highly trained in what I do and I employ the most up-to-date methods to ensure your wax is as pain free as possible.  I use a high quality (Perron Rigot) peelable wax, with a barrier beneath, so that when removed the wax pulls the hair but not the skin.

Do I have to remove my underwear?


Yes you do, scants off please. Sorry, but it’s the best way to do it! I’m not shy, I’m very professional and once we get started you’ll forget you are lying there skuddy from the waist down. You can keep your socks on unless I’m waxing your toes!  You’ll have a towel which I’ll cover up whatever I can if you prefer but honestly it’s all over in 2 shakes of a lambs tail.  You’ll be fine, I promise!  Hair removal is my full time job.  Please believe me when I say there is nothing I haven’t seen. I'm not judging your manhood, I'm not impressed or unimpressed.   But enough about me, I can completely appreciate that it’s a little nerve wracking for the client to be undressed in a treatment like this, however, once we start chatting and waxing it will pass so fast. We’ll become pals and after your 1st visit you won’t bat an eyelid plus you’ll love the results. Half my clients are guys and they come back regularly each time.

I completely understand that guys can feel a little vulnerable on their 1st appointment but it's supercool I promise, once the initial part starts I'll be distracting you with my witty banter, we'll chat about holidays, work, life, etc. 

The erection question

Guys are often anxious about an unwanted erection.  This does happen on occasion, it’s purely a mechanical reaction.

I’ll ignore it and I’ll carry on waxing while we carry on chatting about nonsense.

I offer a professional waxing service only, nothing else!

As long as your chat and behaviour is appropriate we are supercool.

Please do not say or do anything weird!

Inappropriate language, behaviour or requests will not be tolerated, you’ll be told to leave – and any failure to comply please note, scalding hot wax often offends!  😂


After your wax

I'll discuss aftercare with you during our appointment plus i have an aftercard guide scheduled to be emailed to you on the day so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for that.  You must avoid hot showers & baths (a lukewarm shower is fine) for 24 hours, and you should skip the gym/sauna/steam room for the rest of the day.

I can discuss products to help look after for your freshly waxed skin and advise you on how to keep ingrown hairs away.