Hello laser
goodbye razor!

I have been successfully lasering away the hairs of the lovely people of Ayrshire since 2008.

With my expertise and top of the range technology I guarantee I will to get you the very best results.


Laser and light energy is attracted to pigment, not hair. So the darker your hair is the better.


Before you start your laser journey it is best to have a non obligation consultation and patch test with me.  That way i'll be able to go into an in depth breakdown of your specific outcome based on elements like your hair colour, skin type and recent sun exposure.


I will not take you on as a client if I can't get you the results, you have my word!  

Follow the link and book a consultation with me to get started on your hair free journey.

I'll email you a client intake form where you'll be asked about your medical background. During our consultation we'll cover all areas